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Affirmations by Mark Joyner

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I’ve just recently learned of Mike Joyner’s simpleology concepts. It’s too early yet for me to give my endorsement of Mr. Joyner’s ideas. However, today when I received the cartoon shown above (Mark calls them Atomic Mind Bombs) a couple of very different? things hit me at once.

Anyone who has known me for very long knows, or can make an educated guess, about my stance concerning gun control. Simply put, I believe violent crime decreases where properly trained and proven law abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed handguns.

Would the guy in the cartoon likely be in this situation if he were armed? The criminal element, wary bunch that they are, only wants to confront the easy target. If this man were walking confidently, with his head up, scanning his path, would he be in this predicament? If he were forced to draw his firearm, would the show of force cause his attackers to run, preventing injury to anyone?

There is ample data to support a decline in violent crime where concealed carry is permitted. Does a handgun guarantee a positive outcome for the guy in the cartoon? No, but not having one means he has very little hope of escape without some form of personal injury – oh, I almost forgot…he does have his affirmations!

This brings me to my second thought, affirmations. My recent retirement from the business world has allowed me to pursue my Web business full time. Sporting goods and outdoor gear has long been a sideline for me, and an enjoyable way to support my expensive hobbies.

As I revamped my Web site and focused on marketing the on-line store I found an unbelievable pile of get-rich-quick schemes and outlandish promises. I remember my dad talking about salesmen who would come through town selling patent medicines when he as a youngster. He told me how the salesman always seemed to have just the cure for whatever was ailing those who came to watch his presentation.

It seems we really haven’t traveled all that far from the “snake oil” salesman of 1935. Where was I when the Internet became a cesspool of scammers making one outlandish claim after the next? If you have a Web page and you are wiling to? work for just 3 minutes a day, you will be raking in a multi 6 figure income in less than 3 months! If it were true, why would he tell anyone? Why would he create competition for himself? And how could anyone be foolish enough to believe him?

Without a foolish Internet? buyer, the hucksters will hopefully be forced to find a new venue. I wonder how long it will take for on-line buyers to understand true Internet commerce? takes infrastructure, marketing, hard work? and most of all a quality product or products. There’s not a lot of difference between a quality on-line store and a quality brick and mortar store. Even when you build a Web site, use? all the right? affirmations, work a whole? 30 minutes a week -? making $10,000 a month isn’t likely to happen…unless of course,? you’re Al Franken.?

The Internet is in constant flux. There’s lots of speculation about the next version of the internet or Web 2.0. Let’s hope sanity among Internet buyers returns quickly. It’s hard to run a good clean Web based business when there is so much sh*t flying around…GOSH DARNIT!? ?

Wesley Slade

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