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  • January 4, 2007 - Admin

    Fox Sports Ends Anti-Trapping Spot

    [Editors Note:Here is another very clear illustration of the combined power of outdoor sportsmen. This example shows where enough people applied enough pressure to overcome anti hunting and fishing interests. The public service announcement in question was about animal trapping. However, as said in the earlier article, hunters and anglers should understand this animal rights […]

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  • Fox Sports Net, which provides regional sports programming to 85 million households, has refused to cancel a gratis anti-trapping advertisement produced by the nation’s largest animal rights group. News Corporation, the parent company of Fox Sports Net and other Fox Cable Networks, approved a 15-second anti-trapping commercial, produced by the Humane Society of the United […]

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  • January 1, 2007 - Admin

    Happy New Year!

    An elderly Louisiana gentleman had owned a large farm for many years. Over the years, he had sold much of his land holdings. However, he kept a sizable acreage around his home site. Near the back of what was now his current property line, he had a large pond. He had built the pond years […]

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  • It has been a year since I decided to test and review digital scouting cameras. Through doing these tests I’d hoped to give hunters some good information that would help them as they shopped for a digital scouting camera of their own. I think I have accomplished this and fortunately for me, I’ve had a […]

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  • December 4, 2006 - Admin

    Safety First When Using a Tree Stand

    Many deer hunters only give tree stand safety a passing thought, thinking an accident won’t happen to them. But falling 30 feet out of his deer stand, crushing the bones on the right side of his body and crawling a quarter-mile for help during the 1996 deer season was enough for Dee Dee Garvin to […]

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