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Eureka! Tents: What Makes Them Different

Eureka tents are manufactured by a Binghamton, New York-based company that has been in the tent and awning industry for over 100 years. The brand has been part of some of the most notable expeditions and adventures in history and has continued to lead the business sector with its numerous offerings.

Eureka tents are available in various categories including solo, adventure backpacking, performance backpacking, four season and expedition, family, luxury family, shelters/screen houses and outfitter. Tent accessories are also available from the company. In terms of shapes, the firm offers dome style, umbrella style, A-frame style and screen houses tents.

The tents from Eureka have always been known for their durability and high quality materials. The walls and top flys of this brand are made from 75D and 150D StormShield polyester cloth, StormShield Plus 150omm/1800mm Denier ripstop polyester, 1.9 oz. Coated 1800mm Nylon Ripstop, 1.9 oz. Standard Taffeta and coated nylon ripstop. Each type of fabric is waterproof and designed for extended and heavy use.

The floors of the tents can be made from 4 oz. Coated Nylon Oxford, 1.9 oz. Coated 3000mm Nylon Taffeta or 1.9 oz. Coated 1800mm Nylon Taffeta. Roof cloths are either 1.9 oz. Permeable Nylon Ripstop or 1.9 oz. Permeable Nylon Taffeta. The windows of the products are UV resistant and the screens are made from tightly woven No-See-UM Netting or polyester netting that provides excellent visibility and ventilation.

The frames of the 4 Season and Performance tents from the company feature 7000 Series Aluminum that has an excellent stability and light framework. The frames are compact and easy to assemble. In 3-4 Season models, the frames are made from seamless aluminum, with varying diameter depending on the model. For 3 Season tent types, the frames are either fiberglass or steel. Both types of frames present good stability and are easy to assemble.

Eureka tents are favored by both professional explorers and ordinary campers who prefer durable, well-designed products for their outdoor activities. The brand, which has been around for over 100 years now, is able to maintain its status in the tent-making industry primarily because of its reliability and functional design.

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