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Eureka! Tents

Eureka tents are vastly popular among ordinary campers and professional explorers not only for being made of high quality materials but also for the strong reputation of their manufacturer, a company which has been in the business of tents and awning production since the 1890s.

Eureka tents are categorized by the number of people they can accommodate, by the kind of season when they can be used or by their shapes and styles. In the shapes and styles category, models are available in dome, umbrella, A-frame and screen houses styles. Models that accommodate a single person are categorized under the solo camping tents while family camping tents are good for four people to nine. Backpacking tents, meanwhile, are available in multiple sizes that can accommodate two to four people.

Different season tents from Eureka can be two-season types, four-seasons or three-season tents. The two-season tents are generally inexpensive and are ideal for fair weather. The three season tents are the most popular offerings of the company and are strong enough to handle rain in seasons of spring, fall and summer but can only handle light snow. The four season products are heavier in construction and are designed to withstand wind and heavier snow. The four seasons are made of high quality fabrics and have more poles, total coverage flys and full vestibules.

One of the most popular three season models offered by the company is the Spitfire UL. This solo tent model is silicon-treated and weighs two lbs. The tent has a single hoop 8.84 mm DAC Featherlite frame, clips and post and grommet corner attachments. It features a single door and full panel mesh windows. The area measures 18 square feet and the center height is 3’4″.

In terms of the company’s family camping tent offerings, the Extended Stay model has the largest floor size. This tent has 14 poles with screen room and two sleeping areas. It has two doors, four windows and can accommodate eight people. The model weighs 45 lbs. and 1 oz. It has an area measurement of 266 square feet and a center height of 7’6″. It also features a 12.7 mm fiberglass and 19 mm cable corded self-supporting steel frame.

Eureka tents are offered in various designs, sizes and structures; but no matter what model a buyer chooses, he or she would be assured of a product worthy of every cent shelled out.

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