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Gun Grabbers Following the Playbook to a “T”

One week after the shootings at Northern Illinois University, the Violence Policy Center (VPC) reverted to its playbook by exploiting this tragedy to advance its anti-gun political agenda.

In an e-mail alert to supporters, VPC Executive Director Josh Sugarmann laid out the group’s latest litany of demands, including:

  • Presidential candidates making gun violence prevention a priority issue;
  • Congressional hearings on gun violence prevention;
  • A domestic ban on semi-automatic firearms and increased enforcement of the semi-automatic importation ban;
  • Bans on high-capacity magazines;
  • Legislation that would end gun shows as we know them; and,
  • Big Brother reporting requirements for university officials when students legally purchase firearms from licensed dealers. 

The VPC’s predictable behavior is a reminder of the need for NRA members and other law-abiding gun owners to be actively involved this election season.

These gun-banning extremist groups exist with the sole objective, stated or otherwise, to strip you of your constitutionally-guaranteed Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Their one-size-fits-all solution for preventing the crimes of a thug or a homicidal madman is to penalize lawful citizens by taking away the means of self-defense. They want the public to believe that a criminal can be stopped from carrying out mayhem if they impose yet another restriction on the law abiding citizenry.

History and, tragically, recent events, have proven that those solutions just don’t work. Most often, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

What can you do now to ensure these anti-freedom zealots do not succeed? If you’re not yet registered to vote, get registered (you can register right now by clicking here, or by visiting www.nraila.org/vote2008). Get actively involved in pro-gun candidates campaigns in your area by contacting your local Election Volunteer Coordinator (EVC). (To find your local EVC, please click here.) You may also call NRA-ILA’s Grassroots Hotline at (800) 392-VOTE (8683) to find out how you can do your part.

Make sure you are actively engaged in this year’s critically important elections! And make sure your pro-gun family members, friends, and coworkers are as well.

Protect your rights. Do your part. Get involved.

To read the VPC release, please click here.

Copyright 2008, National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action.

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