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More Proof That Americans Support The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Need more confirmation that a majority of Americans support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms? Look no further than the results of a Gallup poll, which were reported in a March 27, Gallup.com article. The poll found that an overwhelming majority of the United States public (73%) believes that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of Americans to own firearms.

For regular readers of the Grassroots Alert, the findings come as no surprise. In fact, the Gallup poll reflects comparable results from a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation telephone poll carried out December 6-9, 2007, which found that 65% of Americans believe the Constitution guarantees the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Other recent polls have shown that Americans support gun rights. A Zogby International poll for Associated Television News, conducted December 13-17, 2007 found 27% of voters would be more likely to support a candidate endorsed by NRA (through its PAC, NRA Political Victory Fund). That survey showed that NRA ranks above Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, the AFL-CIO, Oprah Winfrey, and Barbara Streisand in influencing voters! And another Zogby International poll conducted earlier in 2007 found that 66% of the American voting public rejects the idea that new gun control laws are needed.

The results of this latest poll make clear where the majority of Americans stand, and confirm what other polls have consistently shown: Americans overwhelmingly support firearm rights and ownership.

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