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Watch for Unmarked Squad Cars – Oh, and Look Out for Marked Ones, Too!

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Maybe it was a dark night or maybe he had something else on his mind. Whatever the reason, police say a 21-year-old Lincoln man didn’t notice a parked police cruiser sitting in a parking lot less than a block from where he allegedly tried to break into a closed convenience store.

Officer Don Scheinost said Officer Travis Lore had been watching the 21st and G street intersection about 1 a.m. Thursday for traffic violations when he spotted a young man walking over to the Super C at 745 S. 21st St.

A minute later, Lore spotted the same man sprinting back to a house on G Street. A couple minutes passed. Then the man came out of the house, wearing a stocking cap and he jogged back over to the store.

Scheinost said at that point the officer decided to check it out. When he got closer, he saw the man, allegedly Michael P. Donner, running back to the house, where he took off his stocking cap and sat on the porch.

About that same time, police got a report of a burglar alarm going off at Super C.

The officer talked to Donner, who told him he’d been at the store and had seen another man try to kick in the front glass door window.

But Scheinost said police arrested Donner after a review of the store’s surveillance camera showed Donner, “plain as day,” trying to break the glass with a rock.

He was in jail Thursday on suspicion of attempted burglary.

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